1988 · Book · Review

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho ~ Book Review ~ A Timeless Classic


Everything is written! Yes Everything is written! You can’t run away from anything, because everything going to come towards you at any time. This words come into my mind after reading this inspiring book.

Once I finished reading this novel, I felt everything around me is silent, and world around me is also silent. And I want to shut up the rest of my life. I learnt how the sanctification of life around us on simplicity, and reflect on all the events as grants and signals given by God to lead us on our way towards our glory!


This novel embodies much and wisdom in the highest sense, as we believe in completely, feels everything. 

The idea of the book is based on the principle of singularity, all things are manifestations of one thing; all the universe created by the same self Similarly, everything we do in our lives is to do one thing, and to accomplish a single task, that is also what we want and we want to do is an integral part of this universe and unity.

In order to know what is the mission we came for, and how we perform, we must listen to the language of the universe, the universe speaks signals, and signals that occur in front of us in the form of what we used to call it luck or coincidence, these signals are God’s way – described by this book – to let us know the route we should go, until we learn the language of cosmic signals must develop our intuition and trust him, and to develop our intuition should not be afraid to make mistakes, and we should know that everything made sense and purpose.

The Alchemist Quote

Alchemist is not just a story of a Spanish shepherd looking for his goal in life to achieve personal myth. No, it’s not only about that! It’s bigger than that. Alchemist closest analogy I like a mirror that makes you pay attention towards your heart and forcibly aware of yourself and your being insight and examine your soul. Alchemist story and the story of roving and go around us absent worlds in our hearts.

The universe speaks only one language, and it’s Love, Pure Love. 


Some wonderful things or saying, that we can learn form The Alchemist ~

“Listen to your heart, he knows everything because it is coming from the spirit world and it will backfire one day.”

“When you are our treasures are very close to us, we never observe, learn why? Because people do not believe in treasures. “

“There is always someone in the world is waiting for someone else, whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in the depths of the big cities.”

“I do not say anything, we love because we love, there is another reason to love”

“What happens once can never happen again, but what happens happens twice is definitely a third time.”

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

There is only one thing can make
Impossible dream: it is the fear of failure.

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering the same torment worse, and there is no heart is tormented when he followed his dreams, because every moment of the research is the moment of encounter with God and eternity. “

Bottom Line:

Life attracts life.

Life opportunities are only granted for those interested.

I personally loved this book very much, there is so much deep depth inside it, that needs to read.

In one word: This book will change your life!

Sensibility Index ~ 9.4 out of 10


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