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Logan 2017 Movie Review ~ The World Is Not The Same As It Was!


We all have heard that the “Logan” will be different from its predecessors. Director James Mangold promised a very different movie than “X-Men Series”. So we got “Logan’ this time instead of “Wolverine”. “Logan” – a completely different beast than Wolverine or other Mutants. This is another “R – Rated” comic book movie after overrated “Deadpool”. But “Logan” is way better than “Deadpool” or other Mutant’s movie. The “Logan” has it all: incredible amount mature content, one naked female breasts and a lot, a lot of blood and violence. How else you’re going to make a movie about death?

Logan runs from the past. He does not want to become attached to anyone. Everyone who was around him, lost or died. He does not want to act heroically. It would be no one for him did not stick, and the point. He wanted to die, but the healing factor is in effect, though not as it used to. Logan carries a bullet from “adamantium” – only she can kill him. However, as long as he has a family resemblance to the grouchy grandfather and sarcastic brother, he cannot leave theme alone. In the story, “Logan” does not connected with the previous trilogies, endless spin-off and prequels. In the world of “Logan” mutants do not remain, they are only on the pages of children’s comics.

Still from “Logan”

“The movie is not really about superhuman: it about an ordinary man. This is the purest form of humanistic art.”

“Logan” is the story of the hero, exploring his fears and weaknesses. The movie, which will show the character a real man instead of hero. “Just exactly what managed to “Logan”. For the first time in front of us is not a superhero, but a normal man. He is getting older; he sometimes feeble and cannot throw right and left villains in a few seconds. Here, no one brings down the city, and not explode nuclear warheads. In conventional superhero movie, they always face serious problems – some fictional villains or disasters. Moreover, the problem of the heroes are inhumane: the problem of the debt to the world, responsible for their own gift and other pathetic. In “Logan” the sense of danger and fear for the characters much more plausible than in conventional blockbusters.

The world of “Logan” is very small, intimate and with a huge heart. As in the manga “Lone Wolf and his child”, Logan travels around the country in the girls company, able to exterminate the enemy hordes. They do not involve the need to help the world. Laura {Dafne Keen} wants to survive. Logan wants to die. Perhaps this is not the typical story for a blockbuster, but the most emotional.

Still from “Logan”

” Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.”

Logan and Xavier in an unusual for them unflattering light. More people than superheroes. Those in whom the power is adjacent to the weakness – both physical and mental; who experience not only aimed at the salvation of the world creative fury and destructive for them and for others, something banal and therefore not typical of the heroes of fatigue; who cannot cope with their own superpower – brain because of their age. Some are too old, others still incredibly young, although in childhood as a happy retirement, the time has never been in this universe.

Director James Mangold, who has removed previous picture about “Wolverine”, making a request for something more than the typical superhero movies of the apocalypse. This collapse of the personal character of the world, which is closer to the audience and clearer than just another “We have to save the world.” Wherever they come heroes, followed by destruction and death. This desolation, that they carry everywhere and “Logan” – it kind of road movie.

Still from “Logan”

“At long last. This is what we needed. This we’ve always wanted form “Wolverine” movie.”

Bottom Line:

“A scene after the credits will not going to come. In life, there are no scenes after the credits, and there never will be.”

In one word: “Dark Knight”

Sensibility Index ~ 8.8 out of 10!




2 thoughts on “Logan 2017 Movie Review ~ The World Is Not The Same As It Was!

  1. And then Laura joins the family, and her relationship with both men is just as key to the movie. Keen plays Laura as wordlessly feral, a raging echo of Logan in his younger days. Her resentment and resistance to this miserable new world are a match for his, but her indomitability and ferocious energy go a long way toward keeping the film from wallowing in its own misery.


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