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Personal Shopper 2017 Movie Review ~ Fifty Shades Of Maureen Cartwright


American Maureen Cartwright {Kristen Stewart} works in Paris fashion assistant in the world famous woman named Kyra (Nora von Waldstätten). She is responsible to select and buy for her dress, handbag and jewelry in luxury boutiques and ateliers. In his spare time, Maureen, which considers itself a medium, trying to start a spiritualistic contact with his twin brother, who died three months ago.

This is not quite a horror movie like typical horror genre, but the director of movie, from the beginning makes it clear that he is ready to go far: in the first stage of Stewart is to spend the night in a huge house, where her deceased lived brother, and there encounters with natural ghosts, flying through the air.

Still from “Personal Shopper”

There is something in this movie. Not quite clear what it is. The creators turned out a mix of psychological thriller, horror and dubious sort of detective. Horror element is present on the strength of one or two episodes, where the Maureen Cartwright wanders the gloomy house of his dead brother. Therefore, lovers of good horror movies in “Personal Shopper” catch nothing – however, as fans of detectives: detective component is available, but it is so predictable that it is not that confusing. Most of the picture draws on the psychological thriller, but again with some reservations. There is no strain, no exciting story or character development. Everything is clumsy.

Still from “Personal Shopper”

“This is ghost story but without horror elements.”

There are indeed two or maybe even three – stories in one, concentrated around the same character, in this “Personal Shopper”, whose title refers only to one dimension of the movie. At the center of a movie that plays with it and its different occurrences, as it plays with genres and atmospheres, without ever sacrificing to the culture of the cliche. It is not a question of recreating “jump scares” or of creating waiting around a mystery to be unveiled, but simply of seeing where the cinema can go and what it can evoke without calling the Models and references. In this case, an emotional portrait of a girl, which is caught by surprise and grief that does not know what to do next. To master the art of the medium? On the other hand, making a career? Find solace in the arms of her boyfriend, who works in the Middle East and calls Maureen move in with him? Alternatively, perhaps, to have a new relationship? Maureen throws in the extreme, and the genre of the movie varies depending on the mood of the Maureen. It is strange, but in its own logical device pattern.

Still from “Personal Shopper”

An in the end, The choice of this strange hobby in her case does not seem surprising – Maureen herself is almost ghostly existence. She is constantly on the go, constantly between cities, countries and time zones, between life and death.

Bottom Line:

“Personal Shopper” is far from a bad movie, so you can ignore bad reviews.

In one word: “A Drama of Ghosts & Shopping”

Sensibility Index ~ 7.1 out of 10!




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