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Kong: Skull Island 2017 Movie Review ~ A Big-Budget, Lurid Mess Of A Blockbuster!


In 1973, the American satellite shows the tropical island is not marked on maps in Pacific Ocean. As it happens in the midst of the Cold War, just after the end of the war in Vietnam, the US government on the island detach a scientific expedition to explore it until the island has not attracted the attention of communists. Together with scientists on an expedition sent to the US military, a British expert on survival in the jungle ({Tom Hiddleston} and female photojournalist {Brie Larson}. Immediately after the arrival of the expedition discovers that he inhabited amazing creatures like the Gorilla growth of a skyscraper. Monster easily deals with military helicopters and helicopter pilots, and those who survived, have to survive while waiting for rescuers and more creatures.

Still from “Kong: Skull Island”

The director plays no games here and puts on a straightforward narrative without major minorities. Therefore, “Kong: Skull Island” takes a fairly rapid pace in the first half, which he does not always meet in the second hour. This may also because of the decisions of the protagonists are not always real. In addition, the physical and logical laws from the lay view are sometimes slightly bent or even leveled, but the implementation is so spectacular that one likes to keep an eye here. To each encounter a few people could have been killed, writers tape was sent on an expedition solid squad. One only leading characters in “Kong” ten people, and yet there is still nameless more creatures out there.

Still from “Kong: Skull Island”

“This planet does not belong to us.”

“Kong: Skull Island” does not just have the flair of a good monster movie, not even the flair of a good movie. Moreover, if the actors also give the impression that they want to be everywhere, just not on the set of this movie. The first half hour of this monster blockbuster is quite successful and the animation of the spectacular giant animals can quite impressive. Apart from that, there is no one here who has stained with the participation in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ “Kong: Skull Island” with fame. But if you ask, what the movie is to see the King Kong to crash down into the wood with other monstrous, gigantic creatures, spectacular effects and mindless action, then “Kong: Skull Island” will offer you a good two hours. If you belong to those who liked the logic of Godzilla (2014), then just casually you will see the Kong passes by in front of you. Perhaps this is the challenge as we slowly pick camp before the great battle of Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020! After the end credits, is a scene that will thrill you to the idea of what will follow in this next part!

Still from “Kong: Skull Island”

Bottom Line:

“Kong – Skull Island” is annoying because of its missed opportunities and massive movie errors. Yet you are looking forward to a reunion of Godzilla with this big, hairy monster! Wow!

In one word: “Wasted Island”

Sensibility Index ~ 5.6 out of 10!



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