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Beauty And The Beast 2017 Movie Review ~ Bell & Beauty But Bad & Bland


After “Logan” and “Kong: Skull Island” I had the chance to watch “Beauty and The Beast” live action remake of the animated classics before the official premier on 17 March, and I was very curious to see if the work of director Bill Condon meets the high expectation pressure. Is the “Beauty and The Beast” a disaster like “Maleficent”, or another masterpiece like “The Jungle Book“? This and more I am going to tell in my short review.

Let’s start with plot first, but I guess you already know that! The wise and graceful Belle {Emma Watson} lives with her slightly eccentric father Maurice {Kevin Kline} a tranquil life that is disturbed only by the advances of the village beauty Gaston {Luke Evans}. However, when Maurice encounters a beast on a journey {Dan Stevens}, the brave young woman offers her freedom in exchange for her father’s life. Despite her fear, Belle appeals to the enchanted servants in the enchanted castle of Beast. In the course of time, she learns to see behind his abominable facade and realizes his true beauty…

Still from “Beauty and the Beast”

Emma Watson as the main actress, beauty at its best. She easily slips into the role of Belle, the lively and clever villagers. She is the ideal choice with her innocent behavior and charming beauty. Moreover, she can sing, too! But really ? Emma Watson still looks a bit too young for her age, but she is enchanting in the role, and she shows many convincing vocal qualities. From her first scene, she leaves little doubt that she was the right choice for Belle. Dan Stevens is appropriately charming, pompous, or angry, depending on what his scenes demand. However, as a lazy beast, whose dark abysses gradually reveal themselves, Luke Evans steals all the show – a sentence that I would never have thought I would write about Evans, even more so in a movie that also includes Kevin Kline, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson. To this extent, “Beauty and The Beast” could surprise me, but I was wrong.

Still from “Beauty and the Beast”

“I want adventure in the great-wide somewhere, I wanted more than I can tell… For once in might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned!”

“Beauty and the Beast” is nevertheless a better movie than Original or “The Jungle Book”. This new one is struggling with what the original movie has achieved in a much shorter run-time: real emotions. If you want to stay so close to the original animated movie, what can you add to this, to justify a remake? This problem obviously also concerned the screenplay writers Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos and was at least in good shape until it’s ruined by so many mistakes.

Still from “Beauty and the Beast”

“Beauty and the Beast” from 2017 is a whopping 40 minutes longer than the 1991 movie. In addition to the songs, this is also due to isolated sequences, which did not occur in the original, as well as a more extensive exposure, accompanied by significantly lavish failing performances the famous musical performances. Apart from these some innovations, the movie does not provide any surprises for the viewers. As the run-time of 84 minutes has been blown up to over two hours, Alan Menken and Academy Award Winner Tim Rice have written three brand new songs, but Dan Stevens’ melancholic “Evermore” is memorable Altitudes of the original soundtrack. Overall, If you love the original, you can certainly stay away from this. It’s really not that good. However it’s not really a very bad movie: just a very mediocre one!

Bottom Line:

“Old Story In New Package For Sale!”

In one word: “Underwhelming Beauty”

Sensibility Index ~ 5.9 out of 10!



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