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Miracle in Cell No. 7 2013 Movie Review ~ Yes It’s A Miracle Because Majority Audience Still Don’t Know About This Masterpiece


The Korean movie’s directors and screenwriters have given in so many movie with “Strange” and “Fresh” stories and many who are influenced by existing and successful movies. In both cases always manage to make a particular experience and most of time that turns out in “Masterpiece”.

The Miracle in Cell No.7 is the story of a lovable father {Yong-gu} with mental retardation and seven-year daughter {Ye-Seung}, which has taken the reins of the “adult” in their relationship. One day, Yong-gu, wanting to give a gift to Ye-Seung of the school bag who always likes to follow a girl to her bag on the way to the shop. A few minutes later, that little girl with school bag found dead in his hands. The problem is that the father of the dead girl is the police chief; who exploited the mental problem of Yong-gu will not hesitate to shut him up in prison for rape and murder of a minor {that girl} without a single element in his hands for proof. Now, inside the prison, Yong-gu will find allies of inmates who will convince the innocence and try to help him in the battle with the justice and reunite with his daughter.

Still from “Miracle in Cell No. 7”

As I mention above, the Koreans have a special way to turn a movie in to the Masterpiece and in this movie, that’s achieved by actors too. The movie’s protagonists are so believable that you feel that you see actual events happening in front of you. There is an inherent drama in their eyes, and this is in itself a major boost for the movie. In here, they build a melodrama of a disability and extraordinary events that change the way of life of the character, it is true, but without the need to have a common destiny with them, anyone who still has a heart, would be able to feel the details of every emotion.

“How to create melodrama so they can feel the emotions churning audience. What once belong to Bollywood’s movies is now moving to Korean movies on a deeper level again.”

Still from “Miracle in Cell No. 7”

If you consider the genre of horror is the most brutal, then think again? For me there is nothing more cruel than drama tearjerker that could able to make cry every-time you watch it, especially when you’re trying hard to hold water eyes not to fall. A tearjerker melodrama that could make the audience no longer able to hold back their tears, it was a lot. It is pretentious, what else. But one that can be remembered for a long time with a lot of perfection in the cultivation of the whole, ones that still can give you more tears and Also a lot of smiles at the same time , it will not often we get. Being an instant classic, “Miracle In Cell No. 7 ‘ is a Korean ultimate tearjerker at one of its finest. “One of its finest.”

Still from “Miracle in Cell No. 7”

“Miracle In Cell No. 7” is a fine mixture of black and white.

Feels sad when watching a sad scene presented by any movie of course is something that feels normal, but is not easy for a movie to be able to make the audience experience it beyond that, that requires real effort. It also made “Miracle In Cell No. 7” feels very special, simple but able to bring tears; a work with a blend of bitter and sweet taste is unique with a captivating, an emotional life journey. 

Miracle in Cell No.7 2013 image 2
Still from “Miracle in Cell No. 7”

Life is short and that’s why we should always make every second memorable but that’s not possible nowadays. The mind can forget, but there are certain moments on our lives that the heart can’t forget and it’s never going to forget. Because the feeling that we feel on every precious moments we make are the ones for keeps. So always treasure the present.

Bottom Line:

As I said in title “Yes It’s A Miracle Because Majority Audience Still Don’t Know About This Masterpiece”. I watched this movie almost one year ago. In my first time watch I could not able to write review about it, I just couldn’t. Sometime you don’t have any word for describe a movie and this is the one, I just watched it second time and I’m still crying while writing review about it…….

In one word: “I really can’t describe this movie in any word”

Sensibility Index ~ 9.5 out of 10!



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