Who We Are


We are here to change your sense towards movie.

Hello Beautiful World!

Thanks for being with us. We’re here to do something new, not big just little one. We know we can’t change everything wrong in world, but we can change your sense, your sense towards movie and books. We don’t think movie and books are only for entertainment. We think movie and book have meaning, feelings and emotions. We can learn lots of things form a good book and movie. A good movie can raise awareness, sometimes it can start revolution against bad things. Every good movies and book teach you something, that can change our future, our thinking, but only if we can take action. We’re here to suggest you somethings good and sensible. We will write honest and ‘spoiler-free’ reviews on Movies, old and new{exclusive}, also on TV Show(old and new on going) and Books. We’re not here to change world or anything, we’re here to just change your sense towards movie.

You know, in fact, we never look in the reviews of other critics, is not written on your own. Otherwise, no matter how many thoughts may be in your head after watching movie, you unconsciously begin to write someone else’s.

Myself (Mr. Robot), my brother (Bloodred) and my half-sister (Amby), we are passionate about book, movie and tv show. We are watching almost every type of movie like ~ English(USA, England, Australia), Spanish, Mexican, Asian ( Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Bangla, Russian, Arabian ), Malaysian & African.

Book, Music and Movies gives some meaning to our life. We’re happy to be here!